Nu-Flame Liquid BioEthanol Fireplace Fuel


brown bulletLarger 1 Liter bottles sold in 6 packs or 12 packs
brown bulletOur New Bottles are fitted with a patent-pending Safety-Pour™ valve insert which prevents the accidental ignition of the fuel inside the bottle
brown bulletBottles made with 30-40% recycled material
brown bulletContains 6% more fuel than a quart bottle, that’s 22 MORE ounces per 12 pack!
brown bulletContains "BITR™" to deter children and pets from ingesting
brown bulletMade in the USA from 100% Waste.
brown bulletHighly biodegradable, safe for the environment
brown bullet2.5-4 hours burn time per quart

Nu-Flame Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

  • Due to our commitment to the safety of our customers we have upgraded our Nu-Flame Liquid Ethanol Fuel.

  • The Safety-Pour™ valve is a new protection feature in our upgraded liter containers. This 2-way check valve insert prevents the accidental ignition of fuel inside the bottle.

    Nu-Flame Liquid Ethanol Fuel is the GREENEST Fuel you can buy!

    Nu-Flame Denatured Bio-Ethanol fuel is a safe, eco friendly fuel made from 100% waste right here in the USA. Nu-Flame Fuel is clean burning creating no soot, smoke or hazardous fumes. Safe for use indoors and out, Nu-Flame provides a beautiful vibrant color flame and long burn time.


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12 pack
12- 1 liter bottles
Weight: 24 lbs

Price: $94.00

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Nu-Flame 12 Pack

6 pack
6- 1 liter bottles
Weight: 12 lbs

Price: $59.00

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Nu-Flame 12 Pack