Part recall Information for Vivo NF-W4VIO

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Please DO NOT USE your Vivo Fireplace until you have completed the following repairs:

You must register for the in-home repair


Vivo Nu-Flame Fireplace


The safety of our products and our customers is our number 1 priority and although your fireplace may not be affected as a precaution we ask that you do not use your Vivo fireplace until a repair person can be scheduled for an in-home repair to correct your fireplace if needed. This is a simple and fast repair, just a couple of small vent holes need to be drilled into the back of the base; they will be unseen and will not affect the look of the fireplace at all. This can be completed quickly without mess by a professional licensed repair person. Once this has been completed your fireplace is perfectly safe and may again be used without issue or worry.  This of course will be completed at no cost to you. 

We are working with a nationwide service company and local independent handy persons that are bonded and insured to handle the part recall. They will be contacting you directly to make an appointment. Once they complete the work you will be asked to sign off on the correction form confirming the work has been finished.

You must call us to register for the in-home repair, please fill out the registration form or call us toll free at 1-888-499-5433. Let the Recall department know where you purchased your fireplace, the name of your fireplace, the address where the fireplace is located, how many units you own and who to contact for scheduling an appointment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy Holidays!

Phone: 888-499-5433

Contractors download the
repair recall Instructions below

Vivo Recall Instructions

Contractors download the Vivo
Hole Template below

Vivo Hole Template

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image, please print as is.